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Our machining centers are equipped with quick-clamping devices and modular tool exchange systems. We additionally minimize set-up times during job changes. Therefore, we can also produce small batches economically and quickly for you. We offer flexible and highly productive 4-axis machining of precision milled parts, continuous production of varying parts, precision machining in a single setup. Furthermore we can machine workpieces up to 800mm.

With our equipment we are able to machine parts up to a maximum size of: 800mm
Workpiece simultaneous five axes up to Ø 950mm x 600mm
Workpiece five axes: Length 3000mm x width 800mm x height 1100mm

We have the right specialist for each order, every field and every requirement – even for exceptional components. You tell us your requirements, we procure the product to you – fast, uncomplicated, targeted and economical. Do not invest time in long research, please contact us! We supply you with what you need.